Why us?


Special prices when booking

When booking, you receive a 5% discount from the declared price of car rental

Varied variants of round-the-clock order

You can quickly place an order through the order form, by phone, through Viber and WhatsApp

No additional payments

You pay only what you use - child seats, roof racks, navigation systems and other optional items (accessories) can be obtained at an additional cost.

Convenience, profitability and wide choice

Convenience of reception and return of the car, optimal options for renting the tenant, a wide range of additional services

Rent terms



  • The individual who will rent the car and the driver have to pos-sess a valid driving license, A valid ID card or passport must be shown at the beginning of the rental period. Minimum age in Cyprus is 21 and the driver has to be in possession of a valid driving license for at least 3 years. Maximum age in Cyprus is 75


  1. VAT
  2. Unlimited mileage
  3. Replacing a car in case of mechanical failure due to natural causes
  4. A car delivery to Paphos and within the tourist zone of Paphos
  5. Standard Insurance CDW with Excess
  6. (not cover damage caused to the all type of windows and/or glass, side mirrors, lights and/or lighting, interior, wheels and/or tyres, the roof or undercarriage, personal belongings)


  1. Fuel
  2. Airport fees
  3. Delivery and return a car outside Paphos and the Paphos tourist zone
  4. Fines, Toll Fees & Parking charges
  5. Administrative fee far fines, damages
  6. Early/Late return
  7. Key, documents loss
  8. Any help or a tow truck for the customer in case of acci¬dent or vehicle damage if it was by customer fault
  9. Full insurance SCDW with low excess (cover damage caused to the body of the car, all type of windows and/or glass, side mirrors, lights and/or lighting, wheels and/or tyres, the roof or undercarriage)
    • For groups A, A1, A2, АЗ, A4 - 10 per day
    • For groups В1 — 13 euro per day
    • For groups С, С1, H - 15 euro per day
    • For groups G, G1, D, J, D1, J1, G2 - 17 euro per day
    • For groups J2, J3, G3, И1, D2 - 35 euro per day
    • Minimum charge 3 days


  • Baby seats: These can be obtained for 3.00 Euro per day
  • Additional driver: each additional driver can obtain the right to drive the vehicle at a extra charge of 3,00 Euro per driver per day
  • GPS Navigation: available on request for 3.00 euro per day
  • If the individual who has rent the car wishes to return the car earlier than the agreed period, then the company will refund him only the 50% of the total amount that is due to be paid for the remaining days
  • For obvious contamination of upholstery and smoking in the car the company will charge 150.00 Euro
  • The company reserves the right to change the rules and restrictions for renting a car without advance notice


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  1. Car rental (hire) in Paphos:
  2. The price and other conditions confirmed by the dispatcher / contact person are deemed final.
  3. If you have any questions, you should immediately call the number listed on the website
  4. The maximum response time for mail is 24 hours from the time we receive it
  5. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours of sending, please use the other methods of communication listed on the website

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